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AJMAL Cuir Musc
AJMAL Cuir Musc

AJMAL Cuir Musc


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The M series Cuir Musc is Bold, Seductive and Powerful.

Suffused with the energy of Cuir, it is a luscious interplay of rich masculine and feminine notes that exude sheer power. Brimming with energy and passion, this fragrance is made to set the wearer apart. This exquisite fragrance is built with top notes of Fruity Musky infused with Watermelon, Raspberry, Musk and the heart is Leathery with Leather Accords, Tobacco.While the base note is Leathery Musky consisting of Oak Moss, Leather Accords and Musk.

Cuir Musc Notes: Watermelon, Raspberry, Musk, Leather, Oak Moss. 

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