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Creed Aventus for Her - Liquid & Scent
Creed Aventus for Her - Liquid & Scent

Creed Aventus for Her


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How, exactly, does a house with centuries of history follow up on their most beloved and successful fragrance of all time? If you're the venerable house of Creed, and the scent in question is the fabulously popular Aventus, you take the elements that made it such a hit- a delightfully fruity-fresh opening, a surprisingly sophisticated drydown, and a genuine easiness to wear- and you weave them into a new fragrance both deeply reminiscent of and still decidedly different from the revered original. In other words, we're positively crazy about Aventus For Her. 

While Aventus For Her does indeed also open with striking fruit notes- in this case, lightly tart green apple substituting for the distinctive pineapple of the original- what's even more impressive is the way it incorporates an ingredient not usually thought of as a top note- patchouli. As an opening note here, this patchouli is particularly sweet and only gently earthy, with a chewiness that wraps itself around the apple, bergamot and lemon to provide an entrancingly deep beginning leading into a rich floral heart even more complex than that of its predecessor. By the time the finely toned wood and amber notes assert themselves, carried on a second wave of delectable fruitiness, it's clear that Aventus For Her has no interest in batting her eyelashes in the corner- this is a gorgeous, full-bodied, sensuous scent that will never let you mistake its refinement for weakness. And ladies, it's not just for you- any man with the confidence to not let a little thing like "For Her" in the title deter them will discover a fresh, complex and compellingly dignified scent every bit as versatile as its namesake.

Aventus For Her Notes

Patchouli, green apple, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, violet, sandalwood, rose, musk, styrax, peach, blackcurrant, lilac, ylang, amber.