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SoOud Ouris Nektar - Liquid & Scent
SoOud Ouris Nektar - Liquid & Scent

SoOud Ouris Nektar


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A symphony of butterfly colors, including peach, blackcurrant and plum, shimmer against the blue sky - a rainbow of beating wings. This delicious mélange of sun-ripened fruit is folded into iris butter and almond cream and drizzled with pollen. Jasmine and white cedar add a lilting freshness and lightness, keeping this as frothy and yummy as a peach daiquiri, while sandalwood and tonka add a layer of sophistication and lasting power to the mix. A sublime summer cocktail of a scent – sensuous, delectable and utterly feminine.

Ouris Nektar Notes: Peach, plum, blackcurrant, honey, tagette, jasmine, white cedar, pollen accord, almond, iris butter, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka